Road Map

Early adopters get access to a discounted Presale where you are guaranteed at least 1 Meta Bud NFT. To gain access to the presale, join the whitelist in the discord! The first presale round will be on 4/20/22

The remaining NFTs will go up for sale at a later date to ensure supply and demand are kept in check! We will ensure there is always less supply than there is demand, with a total cap of 10,000 Meta Buds, to preserve the value of our project. The only place to mint your Meta Bud will be on this site!

Every MetaBud NFT has the ability to redeem 1 limited edition box. This custom box is packed full of cannabis products and will ship almost anywhere in the United States. The box contains:

1x 20ct Gummy Edibles

1x 1g Vape Cartridge + Battery

1x 3.5g Premium Indoor Flower

1x 2.5g Caviar Blunt Cigar


PreSale Bonus for those that minted early!

Packages Become Available To Claim After Full Mint

Exclusive merch and Premium Cannabis Products OVER 70% OFF! That means carts, indoor premium bud, and all types of edibles imaginable... and every sponsor that joins the Meta Buds Fam will add their products to the exclusive, holder-only, store for these INSANE LOW PRICES!

15% of the money generated from the mint will be donated between the charities we’ve partnered with after minting is closed or sold out.

View Our Charity Choices

Help suggest more in our discord!

Each MetaBud NFT has the random ability to redeem tickets via a claim system. These tickets grant access to the elite MetaBuds events and are available to random members of the community at select times preceding an event. There are three types of tickets, Diamond, Gold, and Silver. There are only 111 Diamond, 420 Gold, and 1111 Silver tickets total. Half of these tickets will be available to claim by holders on a date to be announced after the donation, the other half will be available to mint at the same time. To redeem a ticket, you send it to our RSVP smart contact. When you put your name on the list, your ticket goes away and will be available to claim by a random Meta Bud after that event is over.

Redeem your Diamond Ticket to add your name to the guest list. Event location to be announced to the community first by date, then country, then city as the time gets closer.  Address will only to be released to the exclusive list of RSVP attendees on the day of the event. 

This event will be the most legendary private party that every movie could only attempt to recreate. Sprawling mansion with a view, VIP list of celebrities, top live entertainment, exotic dancers, private 5-star chef catering, Elite level business professionals of the Canna-Biz industry, top shelf product, and more provided, the list goes on. This will be a night for the history books.

We will be bringing a list of top celebs to the first MetaBuds event and gifting them a MetaBuds NFT. After welcoming them to the MetaBuds family, we will advertise their addition to the event and the project to increase the value of the project for all holders. With each celeb we bring into the project, we will also be launching an exclusive limited edition canna-collab line with them.

The first festival will be announced after the Diamond Event. The best food, live music performance, canna-products, exotic dancers, and more will be at this festival. This will be a high-level event for the canna-industry and those who enjoy the plant. We will bring out industry companies to showcase exclusive products, provide the green goods and the food for holders. Experience the highest level of quality the cann-industry has to offer. Silver Tickets grant access, Gold grants VIP access, Diamond grants backstage access and full clearance plus guest passes.

Meet The Team